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Likely Bank Vole .....

Observed: 13th March 2010 By: allison_reid99allison_reid99’s reputation in Mammalsallison_reid99’s reputation in Mammals
mouse the destroyer

Seen climbing then eating the tips of my wallflowers -> second image probably doesn't help ID but was funny

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Looks like a field vole

Looks like a field vole (Microtus agrestris) to me, mouse-like but blunter nose, shorter tail & less prominent ears they are more round and closer to the head.


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Bank vole?

Definitely vole, but I thought bank vole (Clethriomys glareolus) becuase when I zoomed in on the photo the tail looked relatively long?

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Yes I think you could be right Gill.

The field vole field vole aka "short tailed vole" is greyish brown with a tail about a third its body length whereas a bank vole's tail is about 1/2 its length and has reddish brown fur, and looking again I can see a slight red tinge to the fur.


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Myodes glareolus

You can see the reddish fur on this new photograph (with crocus) so think it is more than likely a bank vole the Latin name has now changed to Myodes glareolus (formerly Clethrionomys glareolus). Allison as its your spot you should be the one to add the identification to it! Looks like it tucking into your crocuses happily.