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Sea wall plant Whitehaven 260911

Observed: 26th September 2011 By: pm8686
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Sea wall plant Whitehaven 260911

Daisy like plany growing from gaps in sea wlll at Whitehaven harbour Cumbria. The flowers are about 2cm in diameter and the leaves were long and narrow.

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Species with which Scentless Mayweed agg. (Tripleurospermum maritimum) interacts


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Wouldn't Tripleurosopernum maritimum be better given the vernacular name of Sea Mayweed (Dony et al)? Particularly since one of the diagnostic differences is that Sea Mayweed is NOT scentless, but has a rather pleasant minty sort of smell? Apart from that, habitat is the best guide, and this was very clearly right by the sea.

Ros Sherard

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I agree with Faith? (rossherard).
But some pretty tough people have agreed with Mark.
What's their take now? PLEASE.

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The agreements will be for the identification ...

... as Tripleurospermum maritimum sensu strictu, not for the choice of vernacular name.

The vernacular name may be an artifact of iSpot assuming Tripleuropspermum maritimum sensu lato, which includes Tripleurospermum inodorum.

The name for the latter is scentless mayweed aggregate; for the former sea mayweed.

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The location is mapped as being in the middle of Luce Bay.

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true halophyte

Yes thanks. It was just a sea daisy to me.
But now that I have read the Kay Abstract I am, well...... no nearer!
But I see you have not agreed.
I am learning to avoid the maps and to be cautious about precise locations.
Nevertheless, this is surely Sea Mayweed.
About half the Mayweed posts show the naming issue. Though mine, of yesterday, doesn't.

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I can either agree based on a quick glance (in which case I might be wrong) or have a close look, and check the books if necessary (in which case I don't have the time to agree with every observation) - so if there are already a number of quality agreements I let the observation slide.

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...and I think you wise. And so, I suspect, are all the agree-ers
I have not agreed on the basis of the Common English name here - am I wise?