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Marking inverts

We've recently been finding lots of house spiders (Tegenaria sp.) at home - 'tis the mating season I believe. We've been putting them outside, but each evening another one or two usually appear. I'm wondering if these are different individuals or the same ones which have managed to find their way back inside. I was thinking of marking them with something and nail varnish sprang to mind, but I wasn't sure if the chemicals might interfere with their pheromones or damage the spider in some way. Does anyone have any idea if marking them would impact them negatively?



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There is some quite famous -

research done by an amateur, who marked snail shells with Tippex, to show that they were indeed finding their way back to her garden after being evicted some tens of metres. I think that several "liquid paper" products are now aqueous.
Indian ink (not much use on dark specimens!), which leaves a solid residue, might also work.
A small dab with a fine-pointed highlighter or permanent pen may be fairly safe for many species.

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Thanks Roger, that's

Thanks Roger, that's interesting to know. It's a shame spiders aren't as easy to mark as snails!