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Acaena magellanica?

Observed: 26th September 2011 By: rossherardrossherard’s reputation in Plants
Acaeana mag

Leaves only, patch about one metre square, well-established.

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The leaves of salad burnet

The leaves of salad burnet smell of cucumber when they are crushed! I think the location of your find means it is unlikely to be the species you suggested (see NBN map).

Sarah West
OPAL Community Scientist
Yorkshire and Humber

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I still disagree

I'm having trouble uploading a blown-up pic, but I assure you this is how it keyed out in Poland - I was just hoping for confirmation from someone who was familiar with it. As to the point about unlikely location, it is unlikely anywhere; and - like other Acaenae - equally likely to pop up somewhere unexpected. But I understand your reasoning - common things are common; it just happens this is not.

Ros Sherard

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Later pic

Have succeeded in uploading close-up - see later.

Ros Sherard

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Assuming this type of growth is Poland-friendly, I come to a standstill at group SM because I can't see the petiole sheath or net-veining, so I can't offer agreement.

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close up

Yes, the closeup is much more convincing.