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Potential Quail

Observed: 14th September 2011 By: malcomhillier
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Seen alive in a garden in Caythorpe, Lincolnshire on 13/9/2011 then dead on the 14th. 18cm long, is it a quail species?

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Potential Quail

Difficult to be certain of which Quail species but looks likely to be either Japanese Quail or Italian Golden Quail. Both species kept widely in captivity.

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I agree...

It is certainly a Coturnix Quail, but it is difficult to say which.
Since the most likely identification is one of the two commonly kept 'types' mentioned by Graham, I think that it is safe to suggest Japanese Quail as the ID (Italian Golden Quail, which is also often known as Manchurian Golden Quail, is a form of Japanese Quail).