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Emerald green lichen!!

Observed: 25th September 2011 By: wabbitwabbit’s reputation in Fungi and Lichenswabbit’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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I can't seem to get a decent photo of this one...but the colour is certainly distictive - and plenty of it at Pembrey harbour.


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Looks like some kind of

Looks like some kind of copper metal embedded in the rock which has weathered to this green colour. By no means sure though. Did you see any lichen fruiting bodies?

Dan Wrench
Biodiversity Officer - Shropshire

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Looks inorganic ...

to me as Dan says some Copper or Copper compound in what looks like some sort of cement matrix which I think I can see some smelting slag in.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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The base material looks like a product i observed in the 1970s that used to be used to suppress mud as a temporary road surface. It was sold as fly-ash (the first image is a positive) and came from power stations and smelting works. Coal slag was used for this during construction of the home i live in and was found while i was dealing with rising damp in the walls. The building was constructed in 1901 close to coal mine workings at about the time a second coal seam was opened in order to provide the extra workers with housing. Copper would be in the slag from early recycled steel from the wiring in old cars and may float into the slag that was skimmed off and used in this way. Add acid rain and it is copper sulphate staining.


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well that fits....mining and

well that fits....mining and steelworks both used to be in the area....hey ho I am a little less smug now :))) The harbour has long been silted up but the stone/constructed sea defences are still there...

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Good stuff

The material was good but there is no way the modern safety police would allow it! It has been touched by machinery and that is the end of it. It is industrial waste and they will not move.


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I agree with these comments

I don't think this matches any known British lichen.

Could be extra-terrestrial of course ... :-)


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oh ha ha, did I mention I had

oh ha ha, did I mention I had 2 heads and webbed fingers not to mention I live in the land of "here be dragons"! yup just as I thought I was getting somewhere :))