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Unknown Broomrape

Observed: 25th September 2011 By: ahbahb’s reputation in Plantsahb’s reputation in Plantsahb’s reputation in Plants
Broomrape 25Sep11.JPG
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About 40cm high flower spike, with individual flowers about 18mm long. Possible host plants include Yarrow, White Dead-nettle and Doves-foot Cranesbill

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I'd never seen a broomrape before I spotted O. purpurea - it looked like a weird hyacinth at first glance! Could yours be Common Broomrape? Only going by the colour - I'm clearly no expert...Good luck with an ID!

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Unknown Broomrape

Thanks for this - your picture is very helpful and suggests whatever my plant was, it is not a Purple Broomrape!

It does look more like a Common Broomrape on reflection - baffled about what it was parasitising though! (I have previously only seen them on clover).

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Unknown Broomrape ID

Many thanks to Alan S and LVSD77 for their help.

Alan Brampton (Benson)

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Missed these comments

When adding my revision, I see I missed the further contributions by LVS77 and ahb here in the comments section, or I would have credited them. Anyhow, we seem to have a concensus.

I usually see O. minor on Trifolium or Medicago, and very likely there would have been a clover in that mixed herb community.