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Ragwort or oxford ragwort?

Observed: 23rd September 2011 By: wabbitwabbit’s reputation in Plantswabbit’s reputation in Plantswabbit’s reputation in Plants
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I've a feeling that this is jacobaea and have tried to photograph the leaves can anyone help please? From my book it's hard to tell one from the other, hmm why don't they grow next to each other so I can actually see the difference for real!

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If you look at the involucre (the calyx-like green surround to the flowerheads), the individual bracts, including the shorter ones are black-tipped. Same in Groundsel, and Oxford Ragwort is closely allied to Groundsel.

In Common Ragwort, the inner, longest bracts are brown-tipped, forming a ring around the flowerhead, and the outer, shorter bracts are entirely green. (So no tiny black triangles on the sides of the "calyx").