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Observed: 22nd September 2011 By: New Forest WalkerNew Forest Walker’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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I found this strange looking plant among gorse bushes on the edge of an old gravel pit in the New Forest. Dark pink with an apparent well in the middle. The 'leaves' appeared to have spots of blood on them. Is it carniverous? There was a vague smell of dead flesh around, but that could just have been a dead animal or something nearby.


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Red one

It must be one that attracts flies by the smell.
It might be a fungus like a red stink horn.
I will have to wait to find out what it is though.


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A fungus? Should I reclassify

A fungus? Should I reclassify it into fungi? I've googled the Red Stink Horn and it does look a little like the pictures I've seen.

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Red Stinkhorn Fungi

Might be best to put under Fungi just Edit the Obsevation on the tab

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