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Rosebay Willowherb

Observed: 22nd September 2011 By: peewitpeewit’s reputation in Plantspeewit’s reputation in Plantspeewit’s reputation in Plants

An example of fasciation

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I think this is a case of fasciation (a mutation in the meristematic cells) that can be brought about by a bacterial infection, mite or insect attack, or chemical or mechanical damage.

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Hi Mark
I did say it was fasciation - the reason why I added the photo, as I haven't seen many posted on iSpot. Incidentally I have now seen this two years running in the same general spot.

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Sorry - did not see your

Sorry - did not see your comment.

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I have seen it before

It might be late frost or some kind of Gall fungus. I first noticed in in the 1970s and have not seen it for since.