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Where have all the Harlequins gone

In our location there were three areas where the trees were full of Harlequin larva and pupa. On some trees there was litterally not one leaf with one or the other on it. They all dispersed on emergence and disappeared.
Belonging to the Colchester Natural History Society on a recent meeting I spoke to fellow members who had noted the lack of Harlequins in their various haunts.
I realise of course that they do hibernate and can cause problems in dwellings, but have not heard of mass hibernation in our locallity.



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They all must have moved to

They all must have moved to the Bristol area! I've noticed large numbers in recent weeks here. On a more positive note, this summer seemed a good one for 7-spots at least locally.

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So thats where they went

I agree re 7-Spots we have had huge numbers

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Harlequin ladybird

I agree - I have not seen many at all - they seem to have disappeared completely.

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Same here.

On my local sites in Leicestershire Harlequins were the most abundant ladybird species in 2009 and 2010, but this year they are way down. Seven-spots on the other hand have had a hugely successful year.


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Where Have All The Harlequins Gone

Last week I was asking myself the same question,
Yesterday they came back to 'My Patch' with a vengeance-Hundreds of adults and pupae hardly a leaf is free of them. Will add that a large proportion of the adults appear to have been parasitised. The same happened last year around the end of October yet in 2009 they were active
eating & breeding throughout the winter even on the coldest days - has a natural predator increased to a point that they are having a controlling effect.