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Observed: 12th September 2011 By: jdf224
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Determinedly hovering (on windy day with gale-force gusts).Sightings of this bird on this and other local sites becoming increasingly infrequent as buzzards proliferate.Presumably there is perhaps some significance in this?

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Declining Kestrel/Increasing Buzzard correlation?

I doubt if there is any causal relationship between the increasing Buzzards and decreasing Kestrels as their food and habitat requirements are different. I think Kestrels depend more on rough grassland which harbour their rodent prey and this habitat is becoming scarcer in the wider countryside. No doubt nesting opportunities are also fewer as farm buildings become modernised/converted and old hedgerow trees are felled.

Kestrels might benefit from more nest boxes as have Barn Owls perhaps.