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What is this otter eating?

Observed: 31st July 2011 By: alanrclarke

At the end of July, we watched an otter for over an hour in the early evening on the river near the centre of Thetford. It spent most of its time diving and foraging among some quite dense patches of vegetation, often emerging with something and then chewing it before diving again. The otter was very close at times - sometimes as little as 2 metres! - and I got several good views of what it was eating - about the same size and colour as a small conker, but with a rather gelatinous appearance. I have been in touch with a couple of otter charities, but neither has been able to offer a convincing explanation of what the food might be. I've had lots of suggestions but can anyone offer a definitive identification?

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"What is this otter eating?"

... should have been the title of this observation - but somehow the photo name got substituted :)

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Title of photo

You can click on the Edit tab for the observation and change the title of the photo. It's a great picture by the way, and I'm envious of your encounter:-)

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Otter Food

I would say it could wel be snails They have a wide spectrum of food which they take

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Otter grub

I think I would go with snails. However, what you could do is leave this posting here as an otter then post it again on the invertebrate and the fish sections of iSpot so you end up with three postings. The experts there may have a better idea of what it is eating.

Graham Banwell

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