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Observed: 2nd July 2011 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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Large distinctive wasp-possibly an ichneumon?

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Been looking at the longhorn beetles and there is one called a Wasp beetle plus Strangalia which has similar markings,maybe worth looking into that group,will have a look and see if anything else.


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Certainly not a beetle - with

Certainly not a beetle - with a few exceptions (not this one) these have hard wing-cases covering all or most of the abdomen.

The most significant thing about this beast is that it seems to have no wings at all.



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It does have wings

In the first shot it's just the angle they are held that makes them look almost non-existent. In the second shot it's on the move so I think they are just blurred.

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Look at the picture at

Look at the picture at This is holding its wings at almost the same angle and shows the same markings.

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Thanks everyone! I was also

Thanks everyone! I was also puzzled by the apparent lack of wings in the first photo but seem to remember it flying off hence the final blurred photo as it made its escape! Ichneumon sarcitorius does seem a very close match with abdominal markings and leg coloration. And this species has been previously recorded in the Bristol region.

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Definately an Ichneumon wasp ,similar or the same as one I posted on sept 16th and a couple of other people previously .This one seems to be stumping everyone so far ,I don't think it is I.sarcitorius,the colour is not quite right ,but not far off.

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Images of I.sarcitorius

Images of I.sarcitorius (although not all maybe correctly identified)seem very variable in abdominal pattern but one image I found shows very similar colour and pattern to this one...hope the link works...

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I agree that image looks bang-on and that website is usually very reliable,nice one .