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Observed: 19th September 2011 By: Kthomasdesign

Found this little fella flying around in our house (didn't notice him come in). Rescued him from the stalking cat, he took a little nibble of my partners finger, before we managed to free him. Googled it, now firm clue as to species, just a worrying comment about rabies! Should we be concerned?

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Phone number

If you require further advice, you can call the Bat Helpline on 0845 1300 228.
I have had to be treated after handling a bat although the risk is small it is not a good idea to ignore it if you were bitten.

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I agree that you should be seen by a doctor if you've been bitten. Britain is relatively rabies-free, but there have been a few isolated cases, so not one to ignore.

Well done for rescuing it, call the bat line and get checked out by a doctor.

:-) Morgan