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Observed: 17th September 2011 By: richard perryrichard perry’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Species with which Fox Moth (Macrothylacia rubi) interacts


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These caterpillars were found

These caterpillars were found in same area of Yr Eifl in mixed grassland and bell heather.
1395 feeding? on grass stem-unknown pecies presume moth?
1397 on heather-guess Oakmeggar moth?Vey numerous throughout upland in this area


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additional info please

Can you clarify your notes please. Do you think from field observations that these were 2 different species?

James P Deans

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These are both Fox Moth

These are both Fox Moth caterpillars - the left-hand photo is the penultimate instar, when the pattern is still black with yellow stripes, and the hand-held is a final-instar larva about to enter overwintering. Not a great idea to pick them up, incidentally - the hairs stick into skin & can cause dermatitis

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