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Pond film/foam Esher Surrey

Observed: 17th September 2011 By: tb593
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Pond film

This film was noticable in a few places around West end pond in Esher. This is an old, large but man made pond which lies in a village environment next to a cricket green and a minor but busy road.

  • pond film/foam
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pond film

Difficult to see from the photo if this is a thin film of a pollutant or a layer of foam. Foam naturally accumulates around the edges of ponds in windy weather. It's caused by protein in the water from normal populations of pond life, although excessive amounts may indicate nitrate pollution causing excessive growth.

On the other hand if it's an oily film then it suggests that fuel oil has leaked onto the pond. This sometimes occurs naturally in clay soils but whether natural or man-made is still a nuisance to all pond life. However a few drops of oil can spread over an immense distance and look much worse than it is.

Bob Ford

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Other things

Pollen is a bit less likely at this time of year but fungi spores could be a little more likely. Road dust can do it in dry weather though. It is very unlikely to be industrial dust as it is in an expensive residential area.