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Running hare

Observed: 27th July 2011 By: marioninpremnay

Around 11pm I was driving home up a fairly narrow, rural road. Ahead of the car was a young hare, running in the road. It kept ahead of me, staying in the middle of the road, and each time I veered to right or left it did the same so that I could not pass it. When I stopped, so did the hare. If I went slowly, it also ran slowly, and it speeded up when I did. It appeared able to run forever, although I did not want to test this. Eventually it disappeared into the woodland at the side of the road, but not till we had progressed at least half a mile like this.
I can't see a reason for this young animal not to "escape" earlier - why might it have chosen to stay on the road with a car following it?

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