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Chinese Teaplant

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Lycium barbarum

Know it well, grows in various coastal locations on the Isle of Wight,very underrated

David J Trevan

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Leaf character notoriously unreliable, but ..

I have to say that I am, to say the least, surprised, that Stace has repeated the notoriously unreliable leaf-shape character to separate these two species. There is a long history of broad-leaved L. barbarum being mis-recorded as L. chinense.

The leaves of the two species are different, however, with those of L. chinense remarkably resembling Japanese privet.

BUT, Stace does have valuable photographs, based on Arthur Chater's recent work, illustrating the distinct floral differences between the two species, and the posted photographs here ARE L. chinense!

A rare species. I have not seen it for many years.


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Thanks everyone for your expert help - much appreciated!