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Red Elder

Observed: 18th September 2011 By: RefugeeRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in PlantsRefugee’s reputation in Plants
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This Elder has turned red while all others in the area have not?
Image 2 shows one of the other Elder bushes that has not changed to red close by. Image 3 shows a new shoot that has not yet turned red. Any others out there found one of these?

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Elder turns red towards Autumn -

trees vary as to timing of the 'count-down' to winter. Deciduous trees are preparing to lose their leaves - hence dramatic colour changes. Early frost can remove leaves when still green.

Phil T.

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The red

There is another Elder six feet away that is green and another 10 feet away dropping its leaves that are greenish yellow as normal. This is what i am curious about.