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Yellow Club?

Observed: 18th September 2011 By: LittorellaLittorella’s reputation in Fungi and LichensLittorella’s reputation in Fungi and LichensLittorella’s reputation in Fungi and LichensLittorella’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
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3-4cm in height. Bright yellow clubs. One had a an orange tip.


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Looks typical H. helvola

Without microscopic examination of the spores it is difficult to be certain of the species in this group, so identification simply to the genus is indeed best.

However, I must have looked at several hundred specimens over the duration of an ongoing monitoring exercise and I have very little doubt that this is C. helvola. (Easy under the microscope as it has spiny spores).

I take little notice of recently made up, so-called common names, but surely "Apricot Club" should refer to H. laeticolor? This is the one with a distinct apricot tint. Usually smaller and more slender than C. helvola, but not always possible to do in the field.

C. luteoalba is often a rather pale yellow, often rather thicker and somewhat mis-shapen. A field character is that the tip of the club can be distinctly paler, to more or less colourless (hence the "alba" in luteoalba). Unfortunately, C. helvola can have this pale tip too.


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Common names

I agree common names, especially modern ones, are not necessarily an aid to identification or understanding. The book I am using (Roger Phillips, 2006, Mushrooms) does have Apricot Club as C. luteoalba and, as you state, the description does make reference to a 'whitish or pallide tip'.
I am always interested to hear of better guides...
All the best.

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stuff and cheap

Nice stuff from Alan again.
A book I love
for the cost of postage - weighs 4lbs!
I have never seen a paperback version (IF it is) but there's one for under £4.
Loads of pictures, slightly dated now 1995

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I have a rather dog-eared copy in paperback. To get one for 64p (plus postage
) though is madness...