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Parrot's Feather

Observed: 15th September 2011 By: tb593
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Rooted but floating pond vegetation

This was found in a natural pond at Hersham Riverside. The pond also had tall cattails and was very very clay like. There were many frogs,pond skaters and dragonflies amongst this vegetation.

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Spiked Water-milfoil

Thanks for id, I really was not sure.

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Parrot's Feather

I thought it could be this in the first place but decided against it because I believed it only grew in the US. I have also changed my mind about it being Spiked Water-milfoil because on reading my ou book Neighbourhood nature again it shows Water-milfoil as a totally submerged plant and my plant was floating-leaved and rooted at the bottom.

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