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Search filtering

I'd find it useful to be able to do a search and restrict the results on just my own records.

I've got quite a lot on here now and occasionally need to refer back to one either to label up a photograph at home or the provide a link on iSpot to help with another ID.



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Is this what you are after?

Go to Observations – Brows Observations and type your own name + any filtering criterion.


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Not really

That just gets me a list of all my observations in a particular category , which is well over 100 strong now.

What would useful is some way to search for a specific record quickly amongst all of my own records.

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Ahhh ...

Yes I see what you mean and agree


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Yes, this would be useful and

Yes, this would be useful and its on our rather long to-do list. We want to make everything on iSpot a lot more personalized. Actually doing this awaits new funding, I am afraid, but we are working hard to obtain that. Meanwhile, thanks for your patience!

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