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Fungus to be identified, please

Observed: 16th September 2011 By: DaveCbl
IMG1222r  Day 1 (13/09/11)
IMG1222r  Day 1 (13/09/11)                       1
IMG1222r  Day 1 (13/09/11)                       1 2
IMG1222r  Day 1 (13/09/11)                       1 2 3
IMG1222r  Day 1 (13/09/11)                       1 2 3 4

Fungal fruiting body under a Hornbeam tree, close to a chestnut tree. The ground is used to rot down piles of grass clippings. The height was 160mm (6 1/2 inches)in the period covered by the photos. It has no marked odour. There are 2 similar examples within a metre or so.


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