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Raphigaster nebulosa Lewisham 18ix2011

Observed: 18th September 2011 By: DavidNotton
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Raphigaster nebulosa
Raphigaster nebulosa  1

A male on 18.ix.2011 (figured); 2 females on 19.ix.2011; a male and female on 25.ix.2011 (off Ceanothus); a female 1.x.2011 (off Eriobotrya japonica), so evidently a small colony at this locality. Voucher specimens in Natural History Museum.

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Rhaphigaster nebulosa

The Wikipedia entry spells it Rhap..... The Wikipedia photographic entry is very similar to this one.

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Thanks for pointing this out Bruce, I'm not sure what the correct spelling of the genus name is and usage on the web appears equivocal. This species isn't in the iSpot lookup list or the NBN gateway. Any experts in nomenclature of Heteroptera out there can confirm either way?

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Rhaphigaster (Check any on line Het News etc ) in any case the Wiki article reverts to the alternative spelling on the image stub so is not entirley reliable in that respect

This is an interesting find . It has a tendency to find out buildings to over winter and can be often found in ivy clad walls This Pentamid is not a British Species and little is known about its state in the UK it could be a Stray or the fist signs of a trend Equally it could be something brought over from the continent in Veg or Camping Equipemnt etc

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The correct spelling is Rhaphigaster. The species has also been found nearby in Peckham and so seems to be established in parts of London at least; it is certainly not an isolated import.

National Recorder for Terrestrial Heteroptera (shieldbugs & allies)


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Thanks both for confirming spelling. Lots of ivy near me on walls and fences, I will look around these places in spring.

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More info

Now published: T. M. Bantock¹, D. Notton² & M. V. L. Barclay² 2011 Rhaphigaster nebulosa (Pentatomidae: Pentatomini) arrives in Britain Het News vol. 17 http://www.hetnews.org.uk/