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Marsh Frog found in Hersham Surrey

Observed: 15th September 2011 By: tb593
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Marsh Frog

Observed in a natural pond catching flies at Hersham riverside. This is a grassland area next to the River Mole. There were many large Marsh and small Common frogs enjoying the sun that day.

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Marsh frogs

There are a couple of other species that are very similar which occur in the UK (pool and edible frogs), but at 15cm this is most likely to be a marsh frog. The colouring is also a good match for a marsh frog. Marsh frog are also the commonest Pelophylax frog in the UK.

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Re: Marsh frog


This is definately a marsh frog. I am the Amphibians Officer of Surrey Amphibian and Reptile Group(SARG). Are you able to send me the record of where you found this frog please?

I can add this to the SARG database.


Danial Winchester