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Observed: 15th September 2011 By: Roger GilbertRoger Gilbert’s reputation in BirdsRoger Gilbert’s reputation in BirdsRoger Gilbert’s reputation in Birds
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Smal Olive-brown bird with Yellow crest. This one has the crest darker towards the back making it a Male.

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Oh how lovely!

What charming photos, it looks dumpy and perhaps a bit grumpy!

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Thank you Janet,

I watched him for 20 minutes or more as he carefully went over a section of the Oak tree stripping off all the Aphids and other insects he could find.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve

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Lovely photos!

I'm only just getting into birds and have bought a Canon SX 30 with a huge zoom, but now realise I need a tripod or monopod to hold it steady, plants seem so much easier, but well done, lovely pictures.

dave(and hazel)

David J Trevan

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As you say David ....

flowers are easier not only because they stay still but also if you don't get a satisfactory shot you can always return and there they still are.

I took these on a Canon compact Power Shot SX200IS 12x optical and to 40x digital, I was at the max and was able to frame and hold the shots just long enough to click the shutter. I have thought about getting a tri or mono pod but dont really want to be hampered with equipment, I think it will be my next step though. The compact only weighs 250gms I wouldn't want to try this with an SLR especially with a heavy lens on the front.

Just found out the Canon SX30 has x 40 optical ~ I wish.

Howardian Local Nature Reserve