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Long-Tailed Tit

Observed: 17th September 2011 By: davidcaron62davidcaron62’s reputation in Birdsdavidcaron62’s reputation in Birdsdavidcaron62’s reputation in Birds
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Small, black, white and pinkish colouring with long tail. Flock of them.

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Long tailed tits

This little birds often flock together (along with other tits, especially blue tits) and you can often hear them coming as they work their way along hedgrows or woods; or indeed gardens; in their search for insects. Their high pitched peeping is a delight. They aren't easy to photograph well, though; I think it's because 1. they move so quickly and 2. their fluffy feathers are hard for autofocus systems to lock on to (I've noticed this with other fluffy birds, eg grebes).

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Hi Simon There were so many

Hi Simon

There were so many of them that they seemed to follow me on my full hour walk around the local fields.

I struggle to get decent photos of any birds. I only have a cheaper mid range camera and most shots are at the limit of its telephoto capabilities. Smaller birds are the hardest to get.


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'so many of them'

That is good to hear, as they must have suffered badly over the previous two severe winters. Certainly, on my local ringing site, their numbers are way down on usual.


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Numbers Holding

They seem to have fared reasonably well in SW London and environs to the south and west too. Numbers remained about constant on my Atlas reporting and this summer I have had a pair in the garden for the first time, though regrettably they seem only to have been passing through.



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Increased numbers...

We had two long tailed tit families as well as a blue tit and great tit family in our garden this year. This was more than we have had before so they did seem to do really well.
I haven't seen any coal tits for a long time though - they seemed to have struggled the most in out area (warwickshire).

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These seemed to be passing through to. Gone today. We have had a couple of Coal Tits for a few years now. Must be nesting close by judging by the time they spend on the feeders. Blue and Great Tits have been a regular feature of the area (Rochdale) for many years