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Raven (Corvus corax)

Observed: 8th March 2010 By: wb2246
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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We heard this raven before we saw it. It flew off just after I had taken the picture. We later saw it mobbing a common buzzard that was hunting over the fields

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No 'official' ID?

You've clearly identified this as a Raven in the title and description but haven't entered anything in the identification section!

I agree with your ID though - the very heavy bill and wedge shaped tail can be seen in the photo (size and calls are not discernable, but would have been additional pointers at the time).

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Can a single bird "mob" anything?
Pedantry apart - excellent photo of a very wary bird!

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Is that a coloured ring I can see on its leg?

Bob Ford

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Yes, it is a yellow ring. Could not see any other rings or details, I'm afraid.