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Flying Fish Malta

Observed: 16th September 2011 By: JamesPDeansJamesPDeans’s reputation in Fish
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These fish kept below the surface for a while (one photo shows this) then they would be on the surface for a while (another photo) then they would fly for a few seconds. Then they would regroup below the surface for a few minutes. This process was repeated several times while I watched for about 1 hour.
The fish are about 2-3 inches long - very rough estimate!


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Flying Fish

I saw plenty of these whilst at sea in the RN especially in the Caribbean and Indian Ocean. They are also a delicacy in Barbados and elsewhere in the West Indies.


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Flying fish

Have seen these off the Spanish coast usually one or two Although I have read they occur in shoals Size I have seen 15-20cm

Alan Edwards

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Are they just leaping from

Are they just leaping from the water, or do flying fish have reduced 'wings' compared to other flying fish?

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Flying Fish

I doubt very much that these are flying fish ( Exocoetidae sp)as these are generally pelagic fish that do not come into shallow waters , bays etc.

The picture most likely shows some species of spratt or sardine which are very common at this time of the year in bays and harbours in Malta. These small fish shoal in large numbers and are chased by jacks and other predatory fish which attack them from below. The bait fish will often jump out of the water when attacked.


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Flying fish

Flying fish that I've seen have flown well out of the water for several metres in most cases. One was even found on the upper deck of an RN Frigate I was serving on in the Indian Ocean probaby about 10 metres above mean sea level.