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Observed: 9th June 2011 By: Heidrun

Found in a pool of seawater on the Isle of Skye, this animal is about 5 cm long (as far as I can remember).
Could anyone please tell me, what kind of animal this is and if it is commonly found there?

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It is the only species of

It is the only species of Ligia in Britain (so far) and is found just about everywhere that there is rocky coast, including well up estuaries.

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Thanks to you all for identifying my "oh so rare" species I thought I had discovered... ;)

I'm sorry to have bothered you with such an ordinary observation - but I really never had seen something like it before.

As I am new to this board I promise to take a better look before I'll post my next "amazing" discovery ;)

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There's not too many

There's not too many observations of sea slaters on ispot. Common things are interesting too!

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The main thing is to get an

The main thing is to get an identification. I didn't mean to be dismissive. And it may be that there is no record of Ligia from your locality. Have a look on the NBN website. The isopod recording scheme is always looking for records, even if they are only updates. It is only by constantly updating that species declines become apparent.

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I'm really sorry if I gave the impression of being offended or anything - I'm absolutely delighted to have found such nice people to help me identifying "my" discoveries :)

As for the Sea Slater: this is still an amazing animal to me (even if it's "common") - I've never seen one before and to me they look like some prehistoric relict, normally found as a fossil ;)

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I'm even more impressed that

I'm even more impressed that you recorded it now that I see you are an Alsation dog.