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Brown Jellyfish
Brown Jellyfish 1

approx 30-40cm diameter

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Lion's Mane jellyfish

Does anyone know if stranded/dead lions mane jellyfish are safe to handle?

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I have handled them without

I have handled them without harm, but I have always ensured that I did not make contact with the tentacles underneath. They have a reputation as painful stingers, so discretion would always be appropriate.

The sting comes from the tiny harpoon-like structures (nematocysts) on the tentacles. Once the beast has been stranded for a while, I would expect that decay will have rendered them inactive, but remain cautious or use 'Marigolds'.



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The bell doesn't sting

...but the tentacles do, even when detached. Its not uncommon to be stund by a tentacle thats got itself attached to a sip's rope or some other piece of fishing gear. The sting is not always triggered at once and so if handling such gear rubbing the eyes (or any other delicate anatomy) isn't advised; as Murdo says it can be painful.

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