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Observed: 17th August 2009 By: Sue SmithSue Smith’s reputation in Plants
Pink & Orange Hibiscus 5.9.11_0003

I bought this Orange Hibiscus from a garden centre several years ago, but I seem to get some pink and mixed colour flowers. Can any one explain this to me please?

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These look like cultivars of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis which comes from China and is very commonly grown in the sub-tropics, both as a shrub and a hedge.The flowers appear to be double or semi-double.
Their are a large number of named cultivars(varieties) available with great variation in colour.It looks like the flowers have mutated to give rise to the different colours,which is not uncommon in Hibiscus.The cultivar may be unstable, and is trying to revert back to it's original colour.
Dave T.

David J Trevan