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Red-tailed bumble bee ?large

Observed: 8th May 2008 By: lsm57
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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black bumble bee with 'red' tail. The ID recommendation only has a 'large red-tailed bumble bee' so I think it must be this.

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I think this is Bombus

I think this is Bombus lapidarius - tou can rule out other species with females that are similarly coloured: B. rupestris is a cuckoo bee and has smokey-coloured wings (yours are clear) and B. ruderarius females have orange hairs on the hind legs. Also the long body shape is correct for B. lapidarius. This is also just known as 'Red-tailed Bumblebee' - common names can add to confusion!

Rob Coleman

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Thanks for your helpful ID

Thanks for your helpful ID comments, Rob. Much appreciated!