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Insect Parts

Observed: 10th September 2011 By: jono

Walking in the New Forest we came across several piles of irredecent beetle parts (or what seemed like beetle parts). Colouring of the cases, wings etc were a bluish purple.

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Interesting. Remains of

Interesting. Remains of ground beetles from a fecal pellet, I suppose, but from what animal I don't know. Someone will tell us, I dare say!

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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first thought was...

Remains of a little owl pellet maybe?

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same here

owl pellet was my first thought too

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Or possibly fox droppings -

They often contain lots of beetle carapaces. At this time of year foxes also eat brambles, whose residues quickly disappear.

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Dor beetles?

The remains seem to be mainly Dor beetles, Geotrupes sp., which can be popular with both Little Owl and Fox.

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My guess would be little owl as pellets tend not to be as bound together as mammal droppings. It is hard to say as we do not know how old the remains are but it looks like it fell apart easily, suggesting owl pellet.

Graham Banwell

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