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Observed: 9th September 2011 By: 2seebugswithme2seebugswithme’s reputation in Plants
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Species with which Orpine (Sedum telephium) interacts


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No need

There was no need to put on another identification all you had to do was remove your agreement on the second id then agree on this one as it was already identified as the one you have just put on.


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Gentianella: "Have revised my opinion that it is Sedum spectabile in light of less glaucous leaves, smaller inflorescence and if well away from gardens, much more likely."

So nothing to do with Fenwickfield having posted the same thing half an hour earlier?

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If Gentianella has been looking at obs & Ids for the past few

weeks she will see that there has been a continual stream of people trumping someone elses trick, so to speak & will understand why tolerance has been overstretched.If not please read thread under gen.discussion in Forums &understand we are keen,helpful &friendly.I think Comments get missed & could do with tweaking so they get more prominence.Please bear with us.

Hazel Trevan