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Colletes hederae

Observed: 13th September 2011 By: FomoriiFomorii’s reputation in InvertebratesFomorii’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Seen on the ivy in the garden.

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Good Grief!!

This IS Colletes hederae [note spelling] and WAY north of anywhere its been seen before. In fact, this is the most northerly known site in the WORLD!!

Keep an good look out for it elsewhere in the area

Chairman BWARS

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This is the second year

This is the second year I've seen them in the garden. I knew they were fairly common in the south of England, but maybe they're spreading?

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Check out the Information sheet available at

Chairman BWARS

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Northerly spread of C. hederae

I live in Warwickshire and always thought it would be many years before it spread up to here. It's obviously getting closer!

Well spotted.

Ed ...

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Cheltenham Colletes

Hi... Have you seen this bee again in the Cheltenham area this year. Your record from 2011 is still the most northerly we know about!

Chairman BWARS

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Colletes hedrae in Cheltenham

This was in in Bishop's Cleeve churchyard last Tuesday. I've been finding a lot of Leopoldius flies in London, and Martin Harvey had suggested I look out for the bee. Unless there's a very close confusion species it was an exact match, with Martin's link and recent postings. Apologies for not producing a picture, I'd just got there.. the camera was at the bottom of my rucksack.. it wasn't a conopid etc but I will include it in future

Odd to think of Cheltenham as a northerly location

Have just looked at the NBN map, I see what you mean. Awfully sorry not to get pic or specimen.

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