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Slug eating worm

Observed: 9th September 2011 By: Rabbi WP ThinrodRabbi WP Thinrod’s reputation in InvertebratesRabbi WP Thinrod’s reputation in Invertebrates
Slug and worm

This orange form of Arion ater was eating a dead worm on the Ilfracombe - Mortehoe cycle track. It was a very wet day and the slug was quite active.
My ID books mention that slugs will eat dead animal matter, if they find it, but this is the first time I have observed such behaviour.

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Seen it

I have do stop slugs from attacking my vegetable plants by cutting them in half with an old pair of scissors by torch light. I leave the bits out for the birds. If i come back later others will turn up and eat them. I get to stop them too without the need for chemicals.


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I also do the same but not with this type of slug as they only eat rotten debris and not your seedling or young plants,so there is good and bad in the slug world.


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The birds

I also use citrus traps that are small enough that the birds can turn them over and empty them without me having to handle the slugs...