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Mushrooms in New Forest

Observed: 13th September 2011 By: Chris MoodyChris Moody’s reputation in Fungi and LichensChris Moody’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Growing on the grassy side near bracken on a woodland ride in a plantation area of the New Forest.


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Future observations

If you can take a close up of the gill,stem and cap as it help's enormously when trying to identify them for you,also if they smell,slimy,dry cap.

Best Wishes


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Thanks for your help with the identifications. I headed out into the forest yesterday with the intention of photographing 'a few' mushrooms for a daily photography project of mine, and ended up finding maybe 25+ species.

I'll try to make better notes on each species I find in the future, smell might be an issue as my sense of smell is terrible due to working with various chemicals!

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I think you might find it has

I think you might find it has pores rather than gills but as Fenwickfield says it is still important to show this detail.
BTW the one top right is Amanita fulva.

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Extra photo

I've not figured out how to add more than 1 image to an observation, but this link is to a close up of a small cluster of the above:

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All you do is click on the edit to add more pictures .As Flaxton said some have pores,but you have put habitat down which is important,I carry a little notebook and pencil as once you start you end up with loads of pictures,I managed 23 the other day.


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quite likely s. bovinus?

quite likely s. bovinus?