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Bog Stitchwort

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This is all I've got on this one, too small for a stitchwort

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Some questions

Why not a stitchwort? Could it not be possibly Bog Stitchwort (Stellaria alsine) they have small flowers only 4-6 mm where as for example Greater Stitchwort Fls 20-30 mm or maybe a chickweed (Stellaria spp)
All I can really see in your picture are the petals are shorter than sepals (as correct for Bog Stitchwort) but would need a lot more info to go on e.g. size of petals , shape of steam, were the leaves stalked unstalked etc do you have some more picture you can add and a bit more of a description?
Just a few ideas and questions for you, people would need some more info to get a identification for you


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too small for a stitchwort? probably not

This could be the Bog Stichwort, Stellaria alsine. This is a small stichwort with petals only 7mm across. Tyhe petals are deeply divided into lobes and are much shorter than the pointed green sepals. Not much leaf info on thr photo but the upper leaves seem to be sessile so this fits with Bog Stichwort.