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Observed: 9th September 2011 By: ROBERT-JROBERT-J’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
101_5140-Ka0 r

Caution: Do NOT use iSpot to identify fungi to eat!

Some fungi are very poisonous so a mistaken ID could have serious consequences.

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Did you look underneath to

Did you look underneath to see if there were pores gills or spines or just wrinkled?
It might be Thelephora terrestris.

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Didn't see Flaxton's prior comment.

Also, while no doubt this is indeed f. terrestris, I entered just the species name. iSpot seems to have arbitrarily changed the entry when I clicked to check my memory of the common name was correct.

We cannot change an ID when entered, so why can't iSpot respect what we type in?