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Observed: 3rd July 2011 By: Belindamycat

This was caught by my nephew in a bug-hunt at Monkey Forest in Staffordshire.
We were in grassland but at the edge under deciduous trees.
The lady from English Nature thought it was a parasitic wasp but we're not sure what/which one.
Any help gratefully received.

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There's no picture, so it probably didn't upload properly. In the FAQ section of the Help tab there is guidance for sorting this out - you don't need to re-post as a new observation.
If it is a parasitic wasp (typically an ichneumon), then I'm not surprised the expert couldn't name it: they are tricky! But edit this and I'm sure someone will try once they can see the beast.

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Picture now added (I think!)

Apologies for the standard of photo but it was taken through the jar!.
Thanks to RogerR for pointing out that my photo hadn't loaded


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Ichneumon -

I think that your EN guide was correct - it looks like an ichneumon of some kind. Others - more knowledgeable - may be able to help.