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Froghopper - Leucocephalus (LCE) Form

Observed: 4th September 2011 By: lpearcelpearce’s reputation in Invertebrateslpearce’s reputation in Invertebrateslpearce’s reputation in Invertebrateslpearce’s reputation in Invertebrates
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I have been looking for an ID chart for froghoppers for sometime the link was very useful, I also found a paper ' On the colour polymorphism of Philaenus spumarius' by J A Quartau & P A V Borges.

Using the chart I relooked at my iSpot
http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/71501?nav=search and now think that is the Trilineatus (TRI ) form.

Another of my spots http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/193886?nav=users_observations I am not sure at all the nearest is an FLA but.....

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Yes this is a very interesting paper I think you can see the same phenomena with our melanic ladybirds - The challenge now Les is not to find another hopper but one each of the colour Variants ;-) Have Fun. looks as if you have bagged 3 already

Best wishes