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Parasitic fungus - the Silky Piggyback

Observed: 11th September 2011 By: PhilT69PhilT69’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPhilT69’s reputation in Fungi and LichensPhilT69’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

Very small pale-lilac/greyish toadstools on a decaying Russula fungus. Found in mature mixed woodland.


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Common names

I hate all these newly made-up so-called common names for fungi, that differ from one author to another, are NOT a common means of communication, and are stupid names like "velvet spotted brittle-gill" or whatever.

But I rather like "Silky Piggyback" :-)


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The host looks like Russula foetens, by the way, an occasional host. Usually on Russula nigricans.


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Many thanks Alan -

and I agree about names.

Phil T.