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Yellow Flower-B

Observed: 24th April 2010 By: GaryTGaryT’s reputation in PlantsGaryT’s reputation in Plants
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Species with which Oxlip (Primula elatior) interacts


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Although there is a lot of

Although there is a lot of agreement above, I do not think this is an oxlip.

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I think we would need better photo's to be 100% but I think this is a problem with a few observations on iSpot.I did say likely as this does not suggest that it is 100% and if it was changed I would not be sure that was correct 100% either,I don't think we will ever know.


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When you say 'better photos', i take it you mean close ups? I will try to put some close up pix on as soon as i can! Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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It is important to know which

It is important to know which features to photograph in order to make the identification.
Stace 3 p. 517 states: P. x polyantha, P. elatior and plants of P. vulgaris with a scape are often confused. Careful attention to leaves, flowers and hairiness is needed to avoid this.

So rather then "better" I think we need specific pictures with a scale for the measurements of leaf shape, flower size and closeup views of various parts of the plant to show hairiness.

Also, knowledge of the other primula plants in the area which are the potential parents of the possible hybrid. Thank you.