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Observed: 6th March 2010 By: Mojo2tiger
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Earwig 2

Six legs, pincers, small head attached to segmented body. Black with appendages (straight)from its rear.

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Hmmm... in close-up the 'tails' appear bristly (though it might just be an artefact of blurriness when scaled up) and the segments look flanged - if so, not correct for earwigs.

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I believe it probably is an

I believe it probably is an earwig. As far as I know, the appendages from the rear of the body indicate whether the insect is male or female. Male have curved and females have straight - therefore the earwig in your photo appears to be female.

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Beetle larva - not an earwig.

I'm going to have to agree with the "not an earwig" comment posted above by dshubble.

The spines on the two "tails" are not an artefact on the photograph, they are bristles. Earwigs do not have spines or bristles on their pincers. The abdominal segments run smoothly into one another on earwigs, with this beastie there are definate "bumps". Earwigs also have much longer antennae than this insect.

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Which beetle larvae?

Is there any way of knowing which beetle this comes from?


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I'm fairly confident this is

I'm fairly confident this is a ground beetle larvae - one of the smaller Nebria or Pterostichus species, perhaps - see

Rob Coleman