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Ilkley Duck or Goose

Observed: 11th September 2011 By: jeangj
Ilkley Duck or Goose

This duck or goose ( not sure which!) has been around on the river Wharfe at Ilkley for some months. It is very tame and will take food from the hand.
Apparently it had a mate last year.
No idea what it is..can anyone help?

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Ilkley Duck/Goose

Thanks for this! I did look at this in my book, but it simply didn't look like the illustration at all!
I bow to your expertise.

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No problem. I look after a

No problem. I look after a whole troop of Muscovy's in our local park so know them well. I even babysit 2 orphaned chicks every afternoon! They are very characterful ducks, quite curious and bold. Enjoy him (it is a him) while he is there!