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Insect found in bedroom

Observed: 11th September 2011 By: lucydennis

I found this in my baby's nursery. The insect had chewed a round small hole through his leather chair - where it must have hatched in the chair and crawled out. It looks like a moth hole, but this insect was found on the chair - along with the new hole... am scared there's more in his room (he's only 6 months old).

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sorry Rob

I took too long to post while I was checking my longhorn key but I have agreed with your ID.

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Longhorned beetle

Many thankd Rob & Leenestofvipers - is this dangerous? Im hoping it came in the chair and is not in anymore of my furniture. I have had this chair 6 months but read that the larve could be stagnent for 5-7 years! Im even more worried now...

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Longhorn beetles

A longhorn beetle - completely harmless. The Natural History Museum will probably be able to tell you the exact species, it does not appear to be one of the UK native species.

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