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Observed: 11th September 2011 By: jonmortin
Bristol Regional Environmental Records Centre
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wrong colour legs?

I would say that the legs are the wrong colour for a Redshank. I think it may be a Greenshank

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Being colour blind, I probably should not comment, but the legs are caked in mud, so could it just be that which is causing the green tone? The bill looks not at all upturned as in a Greenshank.


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Was about to post a comment making the exact 2 points about the legs being muddy and the bill not being upturned~when I saw that Ophrys (above) got there first. So, I'll just endorse his posting and say that I don't think this is a Greenshank.

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Yes thinking about it I agree. Not a greenshank.

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Perhaps a Green Sand Piper?

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Sorry to have caused such a

Sorry to have caused such a debate based on blurry photos of muddy birds! I'm no bird expert but thought there were about 6 Redshank (regulars at this site) and one Greenshank (occasional at this site) the latter a species I'm less familiar with. I have added a couple more images of the Redshank which show the red legs, one with partly mud-caked legs obscuring the red as Ophrys suggested. Of course it may be the original photos were of a different individual so this may not resolve things!

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An odd bird.

There's something about the bird in the first two images that doen't look quite right even allowing for the leg colour (perhaps just exposure on what looks like it is probably a long distance shot?).

I think that it probably is 'just' a Redhsank though.

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