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Observed: 11th September 2011 By: PhotographyGalPhotographyGal’s reputation in BirdsPhotographyGal’s reputation in BirdsPhotographyGal’s reputation in Birds
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Sandwich Tern maybe -

Sandwich Tern maybe - juvenile?

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I don't think this is a juv Sandwich tern - the bill appears to have a reddish colour and appears too fine in structure for a Sandwich tern. If it were a juv Sandwich tern it would have a a scalloped darker mantle.

This is a tricky photograph to work from - not all birds are identifiable from from photographs.

The lack of contrast in the primaries suggests it is probably not a Common Tern; leaving Arctic or Roseate from amongst the more common British terns; but there are others.....

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common/arctic juv

Common tern juv always appears dirty looking compared to arctic tern juv.